Monday, July 18, 2011


Dali, in the Yunnan Province of China, lies along Lake Erhai which looks more like the ocean. There is the "Old Town" full of tourists and stalls selling just about every colorful knickknack imaginable. The river winds its way through the city, cascading in small waterfalls and flowing through sluices cut into the stone walkways.  It creates a natural, relaxing atmosphere. Outside the walled city though, are several fishing villages where water is life. Fruit is harvested from the roots of the floating waterlilies. Snails, fish, crabs, and more are caught and sold at the local restaurants. Water is drawn from shallow wells or collected in plastic jugs from the spring bubbling up in the Old Town. Even in the chilly weather, boys enjoyed swimming and splashing in the fresh water coming down from the mountains. Now, if it would only stop raining!

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