Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Not What You Know, It's Who!

For those of us on a budget that still want a vacation, we usually go somewhere we have friends, stay with them and save a bundle. It works that way here too. We have been in China long enough to make friends. Our friends in Dali helped us find a very nice hotel for almost nothing a night. It's not where all the foreigners stay, but its clean, quiet, and run by a sweet elderly couple who are the salt of the earth. The wife never learned to write but she has no problem counting money! We have been fed several times for free, feasts, including a Chinese family reunion. Last night we treated our friends to dinner and they took us to a restaurant we would never have found on our own. Away from the tourist's streets, down a market alley, nestled right next to the public toilet. The place has been around for about 100 years according to our friend and one word to the owner gave us a discount. The local price versus the tourist price. His family knows their family. The next time we go, we only have to mention that we also know them and ask for the locals' price. Like I said, it's not what you know...

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