Monday, July 18, 2011


The night we arrived in Dali, our friend met us at the train station with two big bags of meat. She proudly showed Frank the bag of paigu, short ribs. They are Frank's favorite Chinese food and everyone knows it. We followed her across highways and down alleys to her friend's house where about ten guys were busy cooking up a storm in the tiny kitchen attached the main house. This is the spread they laid out for us. A few of the guys make their living cooking in hotels in Guangzhou, a city at the border of Hong Kong. It was delicious!! They were very happy to explain how to prepare several of the dishes and a few others I asked about. I find it amazing that we have only been here 3 years and yet we have friends in several places around the country. Connections that provide VERY cheap lodging, free meals, serve as tour guides to areas other foreigners may never go, show you where to avoid being cheated and that are just great friends!

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