Monday, February 15, 2010

Stories by Students

Here are two stories about stanley's travels in China. They were written by two of my students.

By: Haylin
Flat Stanley went to China during summer vacation. He was very excited about this trip, because he was going to travel to many cities and places. The first stop is Beijing, Tiananmen Square and climbed the Great Wall, and he also spent a whole day in the Summer Palace, he was astonished by the beautiful buildings and the long history of China. On the next day, he went to the Bird Nest, it was a stadium where the 2008 Olympics hold. He bought some souvenirs in the stadium there for his friends. He also watched a soccer game there. Local people brought him to the most famous which is the capital of China. He took pictures in restaurant in Beijing, it was the first time for him to try roast duck, he said he want to open a same "duck restaurant" after he came back to the US, because the oily and crunchy duck skin really impressed him. The next stop is SunZhou, it was a very traditional city in China, there were many Chinese style garden which built hundreds years ago, when he walked in the garden, it felt like he went back to ancient China. On the last day in SunZhou, the local guide gave him a suit of clothes, he told Flat the majority Chinese people wore this kind of clothes long time ago. After that Flat went to Guiling, Kunming, Chengdu and Shanghai, he took a lot of picture and wrote some travel journals, he wanted to publish them so he could introduce China to more American people.

By: Celeste
Flat Stanley is a freedom traveler.
He is from America.
He went to China 1 mouth ago.
He researched some information in Internet.
He interested in Chinese countryside life.
He went to the countryside in Yunnan near PuZheHei.
Lived there ate rice everyday and bed was very hard.
PuZheHei has a very beautiful river.
There are many lotus flowers and he rowed between many plants.
He played in the water with other visitors.
He went many places in the village.
He felt very comfortable and he took many natural pictures.
Had a picture is in the setting sun time sky was orange, mountains stay in distant place the land was green had a farmer work there.

He wants to help farmers to rice transplanting and try the farmer clothes.
In Chinese farmland only can use animals or to do the farm work by hand.

He felt very tired but he thought it was very interesting.

He likes Chinese food very much and he studied how to cook rise and how to make tomatoes stir-fried eggs.
When he leaved that day is festival.
Hold a big ceremony in village.
He danced with other people around the fire.
Many people barbecue some meet.
He took a picture there.