Monday, July 18, 2011

Dali Picture Gallery!

These are the spiky fruits found on the roots of the local water plants. they are harvested by hand, wading out into the water and pulling up the plants. Then they are boiled and sold. The flavor is similar to a boiled peanut without salt. I never had to worry about puncturing my lip with a peanut though.

This is Westerner Street. The tour guides make sure to point out the abundance of cafes and the possibility of spotting foreigners eating. They have a hayday when they spot Frank and he has to tell them "no photo!" He offers a pic for 5 yuan but so far, no takers.
These women are picking mint to take to market. One of the guys showing us around was amazed to hear that we made mint sun tea as children. He asked what flavor the tea had. Uhhh, mint?

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